About Us

We are Beachyfloat – Founded in Feb 2015. We are a team from 🌞  Sunny Singapore who loves travelling to beach resorts to explore nature’s true gift. 


It all started in 2015 when an individual chanced upon her first unconventional float on a beach holiday. And it sparked an idea in her to rent fun & happiness; (aka the floats) to everyone in Singapore. 

It began with the idea of taking the first step out to spread happiness and 2 years into the bumpy journey, we have transformed tremendously with the support from our customers, partners and manufacturers.

In June 2017, we opened a booth located in Wild Wild Wet (Downtown East) providing a range of items for rental to guests. In the coming months, expect us to transform into a full fledged online store where you can purchase lifestyle products too.


Everyone loves having fun, we are committed to bring you the fun filled experience of renting our products & bonding individuals together without breaking the bank.

With a huge variety of products, there’ll definitely be something you’ll love. If you love it so much & wish to own it, you can purchase it off our website too!