Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries

Is Beachyfloat a registered company?

Yes, we are a registered company with ACRA under registration number 53328974B.

Do you do events/collaborations?

Yes we do, drop us an email at for further discussions.


1. How do I rent the floats?

Simply submit your request at the Rental Form HERE or Whatsapp us @ 97850643 if you have any other enquiries.

2. How many days in advance should I rent the floats?

Preferably 2 weeks in advance to book your favourite designs. Minimum 2 days in advance, we will need 24 hours in advance to process your order after payment.

3. What is the rental process?

  • Let us know the float design & dates by filling up the rental form
  • To reserve the floats, full payment of rental fee & deposit has to be made via bank transfer to confirm your order
  • To get your ideal floats, kindly transfer within 24 hours or the slot will be given to the next interested customer.
  • Upon receiving payment, we will let you know the exact venue & timing with all the details in the receipt
  • On the day of collection, produce your IC for verification purpose. (We reserve the right to hold back the float should you fail to produce your IC on collection day, no refunds will be made.)
  • Check the float(s) & electric pump within 24 hours after collection & let us know if there are any problems, failure to notify us within 24 hours will mean that the items are fine & should there be any problems, the deposit will be deducted accordingly.

4. Do you provide pump rentals?

Yes, pump rentals are separate. You can find it under the 'Rental' tab. It is highly recommended to rent the electric pump to assist you to inflate & deflate the floats easily.

5. How can I ensure that the floats are in good working condition?

You can check the float(s) & electric pump within 24 hours after collection and notify us should there be any problems.

    6. How heavy are the floats & pumps?

    The estimated weight are as follows:
    Small floats. e.g. Donut, pretzel - 500g
    Medium floats. e.g Pineapple, pizza, watermelon - 1.7 to 2.5kg
    Large floats. e.g Flamingo, unicorn, swans, pegasus - 2.5kg to 3kg
    Seashell float - 4kg
    Manual pump - 300g
    Electric pump - 400g


    1. Do you offer 1 day rental?

    Yes we do, after gathering feedback from customers, we now offer 1 day rentals.

    2. What if I want to rent 2 or 3 days?

    For 2/3/4 days, it will be counted as 5 days rental price

    3. What if I want to rent 6 days?

    For 6 days, it will be counted as 7 days rental price.

    4. Do you offer bulk price if I rent more floats?

    Yes we do! For more information, do contact us at 97850643 or drop us an email at


    1. Can I amend my order?

    Yes you can, however there will be a processing fee of $3 for change of rental dates or float designs within 2 weeks of the collection date (subjected to float availability)

    2. Can I cancel my order?

    To ensure your order is processed smoothly, we are unable to cancel your order after confirmation. However in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as flight cancellation, it will be converted to store credits for future usage (valid for 6 months from receipt date)

    3. Do I need to place a deposit?

    Yes, we will require the relevant deposit amount depending on which float you are interested in. This is to safeguard our float(s) to ensure that we will be compensated in the event when the floats are damaged upon return. 

    4. When will the deposits be refunded back? 

    Refunds will be done via bank transfer in 2-3 working days once we have verified that the return float is not damaged. ​
    In the event of a damaged float, we will take 3-4 working days to refund the remaining deposit (we will need more time to assess the situation)

    5. Can refunds be done on the day of return? 

    We are unable to do refunds on the day of return as we will need time to check the returned items. It will not be possible to check the floats on the spot. We seek your understanding in this matter.

    6. How much are the charges for damage floats or pumps?

     It will depend on the severity of the damage. We will send you images of the affected areas on the floats or pumps to justify the amount we will be charging you for. 



    1. Where is the collection/return point?

    Self collection point is 5 mins away from AMK MRT. We will provide the exact venue & timing with all the details in the receipt. 

    2. Do you provide delivery service?

    We do not provide delivery service at the moment, however we are working closely with our team to see how we can provide this service in the near future.
    Do let us know if you really require this service, we will try our best to accommodate to your request.

    3. Why do you need my IC number?

    The collector's IC number is to tally with our details so that there won't be a mixup in orders during pickup.

    4. Can I get someone to collect on my behalf?

    Yes, of course. Do provide us with the collector's IC number instead and inform us 24 hours before collection date.